“Why should I bring LeaderBoard of Boston into my tournament when I’m trying to raise more money for my charity?”

Two words: Increased profits. We help you make more money at your event. Every year there are more than 3,000 charitable and corporate golf outings held in southern New England alone. That’s some serious competition. We help you put on the best event possible entertaining a diverse range of corporate sponsors and a full field of golfers who define the financial success of your event.

Our model: Entice sponsors with a great return on their investment. LeaderBoard was introduced as a unique live scoring system in 1995. It has since evolved into a complete entertainment system with our own multimedia, large screen presentation. We provide highly valued exposure for sponsors to showcase their involvement in front of a key target audience while entertaining your amateur golfers with the look and feel of a professional tournament. In the charity golf world this gives your event a competitive advantage which is even more important during difficult economic times. Since 2004 we have supported more than 500 events and have helped raise more than $25 million dollars.

Golfers, business people and sponsors are inundated with requests to contribute to local charity fundraisers. They cannot support all of them. LeaderBoard helps to make your event more memorable, more enjoyable and more profitable for the charities involved. Sponsors quickly recognize the value of increased exposure and therefore are much more willing to increase their level of involvement. We help you raise the bar to make your event stand out from the field.

Consider this revealing statistic: Since its introduction over fifteen years ago, more than 8 out of 10 of all LeaderBoard backed events have committed to at least a second year based on the increased revenues generated. Some of our clients have been with us every year since we launched in 2004. Golfers rave about the “LeaderBoard Experience”. Sponsors gain exposure with a key target audience and the charities involved are the principal beneficiaries.

Bottom line, the entire program more than pays for itself based on the additional, highly profitable sponsorship opportunities that LeaderBoard brings to your event. We become your partner in the success of your event and custom design the format and content that works best for you. Best of all we work with clients of all sizes and budgets. LeaderBoard will help take your event to the next level.