This is a Super addition to your golf event.

Regardless of golf ability, who doesn’t love to win something? And as an event organizer and fundraiser you always ask, “How can I make my event more fun and profitable?”

You are already surrounded by fans. Most of them feel strongly about your organization and cause and want to contribute to the success of your event. The SuperTicket provides your golfers with an opportunity to donate, help raise more money and participate in exciting competitions and promotions during and after golf.

Another key, 75% or more of all revenues from the SuperTicket are additional NET PROFIT. That is one of the reasons why we typically see 70% of your players opting into the Super Ticket at registration. With typical pricing EACH SuperTicket sold generates $30 NET PROFIT. Sell 100 SuperTickets at your event and NET $3,000 PROFIT.

Super Winnings

For 2015 we have many reasons to say yes to the SuperTicket. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Fully custom designed packaging for your event

  • $1,500 worth of promotions, coupons and prizes in every package for every player who opts in

  • A FREE golf club certificate

  • Raffle tickets and/or Mulligan's

  • $100,000 Shoot Out for (4) Players chosen at random

  • The Golf Scratch Card Game with a Grand Prize is guaranteed at every event

  • Add the new LeaderBoard Air Cannon for even more participation

  • OPTION to add your locally donated prizes and promotions, i.e., chances to win Red Sox, Patriots tickets and more

Super Offer

Let us produce a mock-up for your tournament. Supply the name of your event, the tournament date and your organization

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