Loading an entirely NEW element to your tournament. Involve non-golfers and golfers alike!

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Just Point Shoot
– And Compete!

The LeaderBoard Air Cannon will be a memorable and profitable addition to your tournament. Contact us for further details and to book your event.

The LeaderBoard Air Cannon is an exciting new addition to our range of Sponsorship Opportunities. The cannon operates on compressed air and is loaded from a conventional scuba tank. The basics are very simple. We set up on a short par 4 where the carry to the green is about 300 yards.

Typically we charge your players $10.00 per shot. (Some higher end events charge more and the pricing is totally up to you.) This is promoted as a “Closest to the Pin” contest, an excellent sponsorship opportunity. We have one staff member at the tee and a second at the green, communicating with walkie-talkies. In a scramble format everyone takes their second shot (a putt?) from the best drive. If all (4 ) players in a group opt in (as is usually the case) they get to place the ball on the green to attempt a 20′ putt for eagle even if none of them hit the green. This is an added incentive. 90% opt in is typical based on our results from our first year. Many events report 100% participation.

The player with the actual Closest to the Pin shot from the full event wins a certificate good for 7 Nights Accommodations for (2) people to your choice of over 3,000 locations in the RCI network. For even more profit consider adding a second certificate to your auction or raffle. Combine it with donated airline tickets for a great feature item. The certificate is for accommodations only and does not include airfare.

For 2016 your cost is $300.00 for our staffing (2) and the first vacation certificate*.  For events with at least 80 players we will split the total on-course proceeds from the day on a 50/50 basis.  For example, if 100 players opt-in at the standard $10.00 per shot we generate $1,000.00.  We will award the grand prize certificate to the winner with the actual closest to the pin shot and your charity will receive $500.00 cash for the day.  For smaller events we offer a flat rate option.  Contact us for full details.

*Note:  We are pleased to announce in 2016 we will again be working with the Odenza Marketing Group who will supply the 7 Night Getaway grand prize certificates to the winners of our Closest to the Pin promotion.  This offer entitles the winner and a companion to enjoy 7 nights of resort accommodations (one room based on double occupancy) at one of over 3,000 resorts across the world including:  USA, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic Islands, Central and S. America.  The certificate is for accommodations only and does not include travel or on site expenses.

Fun for golfers and non-golfers alike!